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9monsters: Hooking Up Was Never This Fun!

Tired of the typical gay dating apps like Grindr or Scruff? Well with 9monsters, is a new gay social app which combines gay labels with Tamagotchi! Originally created in South East Asia by Team AB makes it feel like your raising your pet, while also finding a guy you might want to chat with.

You start out by setting up your profile, your physical attributes, and then are assigned an egg. You then need to “breed” (not the same bareback, condomless, anal sex), with other users.

You also have a “Breeder” type, which indicates the type of monster you breed the most. Eventually, after breeding enough users, you hatch into one of the nine monsters. There’s a “Howl” feature with let’s other users know you’re available to meet/drink/eat/chat/tweet/or do something else.

9monsters also has an “Audition” feature with lets you browse through different profiles each day. You can press “Type” if you’re interested, and if they “Type” you back it will match the two of you together (similar to Tinder).


You can “Like” or “Favorite” a user as well.

Using your GPS it can show how far people are from you, although it’s not as fine-tuned as Grindr.

If you feel like chatting with the guy, you can. It even has an automatic translate feature so if you two don’t speak the same language. If not, at least he can say he bred you. The more you play, the more people can tell what type you’re interested in without having to ask.

Featured Image 9monsters

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