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Artist Corner: Exclusive Interview With Martin G Fuhrer

Greetings Gay Geeks and Gaymers!

We’re talking to Martin G. Führer from Mexico.

Martin G. Führer Artwork

X-Men recently came out, have you seen the movie?

If I could have a super power, I’d love to be able to teleport like Nightcrawler, mainly because I hate traffic, I’m always late, and I’m scared of planes. I love the X-men comics, the movies… they’re cool, but I have some problems with their plot lines. I have a love-hate relationship with superhero movies these days, they look awesome, but sometimes they ruin my childhood memories; like Batman vs. Superman (let’s not go there). My favorite video game of all time is Tomb Raider. I had a big crush on Lara Croft (like everyone) Oh and Metal Gear Solid… Snake is also very hot.

So Martin, how long have you been drawing?

I’ve been drawing since I can hold a pencil in my hand. My dad was an artist, so I learned a lot from him, as a kid I used to mess around with oil paint, watercolors, sculpture, Photoshop and many other art media. Ever since I was 14 I’ve been working as a graphic designer, photo editor, cartoonist, and I also was a tattooist apprentice once, I guess I’m a self-taught artist, but I did get some help from many great, talented artists.

So you turned your love of art into a career, not many people get to do that.

I believe in art as a career, but also as a way of expression. It took me a long time to have the courage to seek for an actual job as an artist, even when I’ve been freelancing here and there for years. Somehow I wasn’t confident enough about my skills until I dropped out of college and decided to give it a try, that’s a piece of advice I would give to young artist out there: make sure you love whatever you’re going to do for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you’ll be miserable.

It is very important, to be honest about what you like, and what you want from art and life in general, the art industry is very noble and has room for everyone, there are as many different styles and disciplines as there are people to work them; if you are true to yourself, you’ll become an expert at whatever you do.

Martin G. Führer Artwork

So what else have you been up to lately?

Right now I’m working at a publishing company that publishes didactic content for kids… I know, sounds strange, but I like it, maybe because I’m a big kid myself, and I’ve learned so much about the industry and about myself as an artist.

And where do you draw your inspiration from in your art?

On a side, I love to portrait random models from the internet (to improve my painting skills and cause is fun). Making fan art of my favorite movies and video games, and also express those things I can’t talk about on my day job, like sexuality, politics or religion, that I post on social media like Instagram or Twitter. I’m preparing to publish a comic book that I wrote, it’s a gay-themed story, and I’ll share it on Deviant Art and Tumblr (let’s see what happens).

Martin G. Führer Artwork

That’s exciting! Thanks so much for sitting down with us Martin. Do you have anything you’d like to say to any of your fans?

I’d like to thank everyone that like my work and for all the support I’m getting on social media; it means a lot to me, thanks to Gaymer Base for featuring me and my work… love you, take care.

To find more of his work check out his Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Deviant Art

Martin G. Führer Artwork

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