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Artist Corner: Bosmitze

Her aesthetic is a bit more on the grungy and dark side. Her rough and jagged edges would make other pieces look incomplete, but it actually brings the concept altogether in a darker and more mature illustration.

Some of her illustrations include Vincent and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.

Bosmitze Artwork VincentBosmitze ArtworkBosmitze Artwork Cloud

A bunch of anime characters like Dragonball Z, Erin and Mikasa from Attack on Titan, Evangelion, Naruto, and Cowboy Bebop.

Bosmitze Artwork Dragonball ZBosmitze Artwork Attack on TitanBosmitze Artwork EvangelionBosmitze Artwork EvangelionBosmitze Artwork EvangelionBosmitze Artwork NarutoBosmitze Artwork Cowboy BebopBosmitze Artwork Howl's Moving Castle

She’s even done some concepts art for Jon Snow and Khaleesi.

Bosmitze Artwork Game of ThronesBosmitze Artwork Game of Thrones

Even her versions of Adventure Time have her own artistic twists on the characters.

Bosmitze Artwork Adventure Time

For more of her artwork, check out Deviant ArtTwitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Or purchase something from her website here.

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