Cosplay Crush: Alfred Saniano (Hightower Cosplay)

Hightower Cosplay

This weeks Cosplay Crush Interview is with Alfred Saniano, 21 year old Los Angeles native who has cosplayed as Nudist Beach Inumuta, Genderbend Synchronized Senketsu, Genderbend Synchronized JunSenketsu, Aikuro Mikisugi, Pyramid Head, Genderbend Kitana, Genderbend Jinx, Nightwing, Genderbend Armored Harley Quinn, Bols, Beast Boy, and Erron Black! You may have seen him at Anime Expo, LA Cosplay Con, or Anime Expo.

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Misheard Lyrics From Anime

Misheard Lyrics for Anime

The majority of knowledge on the Japanese language is based on Anime. I tried to take a couple of Japanese classes to enrich my viewing experience of my favorite shows, but I didn’t learn too much. So whenever I was listening to words I didn’t know I would translate them as best as I could into English based on phonetics. I thought it was just something that I did by myself in my bedroom, but it turns out that hundreds of other otaku fans did.

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