Check Out Who Is In RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 2!

Rupaul's Drag Race All-Stars

“The girls dropped whatever they were doing to do this,” RuPaul said. “We’ve got a hundred girls now, so we could pretty much do All Stars forever.”

They’re back veterans and favorites from previous seasons are coming back to prove that they have Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent and they look fierce!

Rivals like Coco Montrose and Alyssa Edwards are coming back. RoLaskaTox is there and lovable favorites like Katya and Adore Delano are returning.

Coco MontreseAlyssa EdwardsKatya Ginger Minj

Entertainment Weekly talked to Katya about coming back for All-Stars.

 “I didn’t even go home, I didn’t even actually go home. They just kept me in one of the green rooms with no AC, no ventilation, and I just festered until they were like, “Time for round two, Katya. Do it!” [Laughs.] But yeah, no time passed so it was a benefit in a sense because it was very familiar, but the downside is that other girls have had like years to be out in the professional world honing their craft and I had just made progress getting over my PTSD and then it was back into the fire.”

Detox Adore DelanoPhi Phi O'Hara

Adore Delano talked about her game plan for winning this season.

“I think we had so much time after our season that we really began to develop our own drag characters. You kind of find your own pack when you let time settle in, and I just wanted to go into All-Stars being myself, if anything kind of amping it up a little bit more and being a little extra weird, because they need to know who I am by now.”

Tatiana Roxxy Andrews Alaska Thunderfuck

And Alyssa Edwards revealed she likes Katya a lot.

“I really, really enjoy Katya a whole lot, and Alaska a whole lot. Me and Alaska, we’ve done a lot of projects together since, so walking in and seeing her… We both have really wanted this for so long, so I was happy to see her.”

Who are you excited to see come back?

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