Constantine Legends of Tomorrow

Constantine Joins Legends of Tomorrow In Two Episode Arc

Phil Klemmer, the producer of Legends of Tomorrow recently confirmed that Constantine would be appearing in the series and Matt Ryan will reprise his role of demon hunter John Constantine for a two-episode arc.

“Having Matt Ryan reprise his iconic — dare we say legendary — role of John Constantine on Legends is something that [executive producer] Marc [Guggenheim] and I have been working toward since season one, and now the stars have finally aligned,” executive producer Phil Klemmer tells The Hollywood Reporter. “While we are working to finish our 2017 Arrow-verse crossover, which is no joke the most ambitious bit of network TV that four shows have ever had the audacity and insanity to endeavor, we were looking for a way to make an equally exciting 2018 return. That’s how we came up with Matt Ryan.”

Ryan played Constantine for one season on NBC’s Constantine and appeared on season four of Arrow. He will appear in episode nine and ten of season three for Legends of Tomorrow.

Constantine Live Action

John Constantine’s sexuality has never been a major aspect of his comic book adventures. It was only first revealed in the 2002 story Ashes & Dust in the City of Angels, where his romantic past with another man was a major point in the arc. But since then, in the character’s runs with both Vertigo and DC Comics proper, his bisexuality has rarely been touched on.

Gay characters in comics are still relatively few and far between, and bisexual characters (especially bisexual men) even less so. Some more representation, especially when it’s as low-key as this, is definitely welcome.

“As for the character of Constantine, we knew that an alienated, chain-smoking, bisexual, world-weary demonologist would feel right at home among our Legends,” show producer Phil Klemmer said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

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