Game of Thrones Season 7 Ep. 1 Review


“Shall we begin?” the final words of the first episode of this season of Game of Thrones spoken by the dragon queen herself Daenerys Targaryen, and the launch of what appears to be a very impressive season of Game of Thrones. We finally have a bunch of plot lines coming together and if that doesn’t make you excited as a Game of Thrones fan I’m not sure what would do it for you.

This episode starts with Walden Frey hosting a dinner with the rest of his house boasting about their “accomplishments” during a toast. As everyone takes their sip the family starts to fall with “Walden” remarking about their involvement with the red wedding back in season three. After all, have fallen Walden is revealed to be Arya in disguise turning to one of the servants telling her to let everyone know that “winter has come for house Frey”. There was so much payoff in just the first few minutes of the episode you can really tell that this season is going to be great and I for one am going to be giddy seeing Arya cross more and more people off her list. Following the rest of Arya’s storyline, we see her meet with a few soldiers from the queen’s army among them Ed Sheeran (for some reason?). I’m not entirely sure what her end goal is there, but it will be fun to guess what Ed Sheeran’s fate will be.

We also get an update to what Sam is up to in the Citadel and let’s just say it’s not all that glamorous. Since he’s not a Measter he’s forced to do chores, which doesn’t seem that bad on paper, but his chores include changing out chamber pots, scrubbing them clean, and eventually repeating the whole thing over again. He does steal a Maester key to get very important information to Jon which is the location of a great supply of Dragonglass… right near one of the first Targaryen stronghold.

Moving towards the north we see that Jon Snow is attempting to unite all the northern houses to take on the Night King and the rest of the white walker army. This episode was more diplomatic for Jon but is definitely important since it will set up events for later in the season. Jon also brings up looking for Dragonglass as it’s one of their only weapons against the white walkers. Sansa and Jon’s relationship gets a bit on the rocks when she openly questions one of Jon’s decisions in front of all the northern houses. Later after the meeting, Jon urges Sansa to be on the same page that he is; they have a conversation of which threat is greater Cersei or the white walkers where Sansa reveals that she says that she learned much from her time in Kings Landing and interacting with Cersei.

Cersei has become increasingly obsessed with wanting to conquer the seven kingdoms, but in that obsession, she has made far too many enemies almost surrounded on all sides by people ready to go to battle. Jaime seems more than concerned by his sister’s behavior even more so when she invited Euron Greyjoy to Kings Landing revealing that she has some (albeit shady) allies.

Finally, we don’t get too much of the dragon queen, but Daenerys is lastly seen landing at her family’s stronghold the same one that houses a huge supply of Dragonglass that Sam had found out about (will we see Jon and Daenerys finally meet this season?). Daenerys, Tyrion, Theon, Yara, and Varys make it into the fortress of Dragonstone and coming full circle ends the episode with “Shall we begin?”.

There’s a lot of promise to this season and although it’s a little shorter than the last six, I’m excited to be along for the ride.

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