Gaymer Base at Comic Con Palm Springs 2017

Comic Con Palm Springs held at the Palm Springs Convention Center is what many fans of the original San Diego Comic Con know and love. They brought together some of the greatest comic-book writers, editors, and publishers in the comic book industry. They had Stan Lee, Lynda Carter, Rob Liefeld, and J. Scott Campbell headlining some of their larger panels and events, but what made them different than most conventions is their focus on the LGBT community and their place in the industry.

It was definitely a much more inclusive Comic Con for the LGBT community. One of the convention’s sponsors was The Desert Daily Guide, one of the oldest LGBT weekly publications in Southern California! We were able to meet a ton of LGBT content creators in a lot of their panels and Gaymer Base was actually part of one of the panels.

Love is Love! A celebration of diversity in honor of the Pulse Night Club Tragedy, Male Cosplay Pinups W/ Chris Riley, Paradise Island W/ Michelle La Belle were just a few of the panels with a queer focus.

It was actually an honor to join the group of panelists for the Gay Geeks and Where to Find Them. We got to hear from people using their love of geeky, nerdy things and channeling it into flourishing careers. We discussed the challenges and rewards of growing up as a gaymer or gay geek and how it influenced the projects we were working on today.

One of my favorite panels I was able to listen to was the Queer Eye on Wonder Woman! Prism Comics had an in depth look at the world of Wonder Woman from a queer perspective. Topics about the Amazonian sexuality, empowerment through iconism, and Wonder Woman’s bisexuality.

While I was walking around I got to meet the creator of a cute clothing, comic book company the Bearded Shirts who turned the classic Teddy Bear into a buff hunky bear. They even had different renditions of other classic video game and comic book characters like Batman & Superman to Super Mario & Luigi.

Comic Con Palm Springs even had Tom Kenny (the voice actor of SpongeBob Square Pants) and the Hi-Seas, a Los Angeles-based 50s/60s Rock/Soul/R&B band. Their mission statement can be summed up as follows: generating a circumstance conducive to having fun. As much fun as humanly possible.

Comic Con Palm Springs also had the Stan Lee Museum, a collection of hundreds of memorabilia, statues, and original artwork. The man different Iron Man armor’s throughout the years, even Thor’s Hammer. The collection included some Star Wars artwork from 1975 when George Lucas asked Stan Lee to publish a Star Wars comic.

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