Featured Image SDCC 2017

Gaymer Base at San Diego Comic Con 2017

Comic-Con International: San Diego started Thursday, July 20 and ran through Sunday, July 23. 2017. This was the 48th year for the show, making it the country’s longest continuously-run comics and popular arts convention.

We got to see a ton of new trailers, for upcoming films, panels, and meet some pretty amazing cosplayers. We asked cosplays at San Diego Comic Con 2017 to strut their best cosplay and slay on our runway to RuPaul’s “Sissy That Walk”.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped out with the video.

Zach as Gideon Jura @DumbelsNDragons
Jordan as Boba Fett @capeofshadows
Jimmy as Asami @jimboforthenguyen
Cindy as Wonder Woman @Ladypeppercosplayer
Megan as Morrigan @the_relic_hunter
Giuliano as the Barbarian
Emily as Black Cat @emilebadaboom
Grace as Moana @graciegrace264
Sydney as Catwoman @Sydney_grey9
Tyler as Bane @tytrenkle
Kennedy, Charli, Jim, and KC as The Joker Family @cjpbear
Nick, Amanda, and Alyssa as The Guardians of the Galaxy @ipasquini @nickysew
Maggie as Batwoman @Maggie.marvelous
Tatiana and Sjon as The Guardians of the Galaxy @tottypotty
Jacob, Eddie, and Tony as the Bounty Hunters @cap_n_eddie
Anna as D.Va @brizzyvoices
Kaye and Rex as Lyn and Hector @kayeluka

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