Twitch Con San Diego 2016

Gaymer Base At Twitch Con 2016

Over the past three days, Twitch Con in San Diego has drawn over 35,000 people. But it wasn’t all gamers who were there to hang at the convention.

It was divided into different sections.

The Education Row: Dedicated to all of the products, software, and services for broadcasting on Twitch. GameWisp, LiquidSky Software, and Infiniscene. It also featured produce demos and workshops on stage.

The Charity Plaza: With philanthropy being popular among the Twitch community with numerous charity drives each month, this zone provides insights on how to get involved. American Red Cross, AbleGamers Charity, Doctors Without Borders, Gamers Outreach, Save the Children and Tilify.

Indie District: Twitch loves content diversity and with indie and upcoming gaming companies like Awakening of Heroes, Devolver – Shadow Warrior 2, Messhof, and Thunder Lotus Games were just a few.

Creative Corner: The Creative Corner was broken down into sections for artists to sell their works, the gallery that was filled with different works from Creative streamers. The piece had a QR code that linked to the user’s Twitch channel, and a Live Art Mural which allowed guests to collaborate and put their artwork together.

Amazon Game Studios announced its first three games: Breakaway, New World, and Crucible. Electronic Arts and DICE showcased Battlefield 1.

LiquidSky seemed the most promising software out of everything I saw while I was there. The cloud-gaming platform would allow you to play any PC title on a Windows, Mac, Linux or even Android mobile device. It also was rolling out the One-Click-to-Stream Twitch functionality allowing the user to stream from their high-end SkyComputer on the cloud and broadcast gameplay of any PC game in real-time.

There was also Opera Event, a new social media engagement platform to help online influences interact with their audience.

Steve Aoki, T-Pain, Darude, and other EDM artists made an appearance at the event. Steve Aoki also performed on October 1st. “There’s a deep cultural link between EDM music and gamers,” Steve Aoki said. “Gamers use EDM music while they’re gaming. Twitch lets us go straight to the source.”

Twitch was purchased by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million, and they are hoping to broaden the live streaming platform to other audiences beyond gamers.

Deadmau5 has been live streaming his sessions in his recording studio and Steve Aoki even live streamed his 2014 performance at Pacha Ibiza.

Twitch also announced Twitch Prime, video uploading, expanded video quality options, new Clipping features, loyalty badges, and Curse integration. It has exclusive discounts on pre-order and new release games, a rotating selection of digital games and in-game loot, plus a free monthly Twitch channel subscription.

Twitch fans can get all the benefits of Twitch Prime by starting a Prime free 30-day trial, while Prime members can unlock their Twitch Prime benefits by linking their Prime accounts to Twitch.

Twitch was also much more engaging when it came to art as well. There were several walls that Twitch had which allowed you to paint or draw.

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