Gaymer Base(d) Review Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Developer: Capcom
Genre(s): RPG,Puzzle, Strategy
Rating: Mature

Our game starts off with a bang! No, literally there’s an explosion and some creeper character standing amidst the wreckage. I will be the first to admit that if you’re not into puzzle solving then this game is not for you. You’ll be presented with witnesses, evidence, and psychoanalysis that you’ll have to analyze in order to get the desired effect and move on to the story.

Too many wrong guesses will get you the gavel and your innocent friend locked away. The…Antagonist???(Which is questionable after certain events) is a rookie attorney named Athena who has to come to the aid of a childhood friend being accused of causing a devastating explosion in a courtroom (#babashook she bold!!!) and a murder (yas queen slay…maybe?).

The Good

The game interaction system is a bit simple but, just like your last open relationship, starts to get complex keeping things interesting. The story line is intense and the characters are animated and comical, to say the least.

The Bad

So much reading. You do have to pay a lot of attention to detail because wrong guesses will lower your penalty gauge. The game is somewhat forgiving due to the clues being hard to find, but on the same note being hard to find can be exasperating. Presenting evidence and not having it all figured out means a quickly lowered penalty gauge, some serious shade throwing, and your client in the slammer.


Graphics are amazing and there’s, no shortage of cutscenes which really helps to roll the story along since there can be a bit of reading to do. So far this game needs more shirtless hotties and a little less reading and more hands-on interaction! Fluid and lovely!

Replay Value


The Verdict:

Yas queen! Only because we know the reading and data analysis can be daunting even though that’s most of the fun.

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