Gaymer Base(d) Review: Dream Daddy

Developer: Game Grumps
Genre: Dating Simulator, Romance, and Simulation
Console: PC
Rating: Not Rated

In the real world, we have things like Grindr and scruff to 9/10 times make us feel like we’re going through a simulator. With people flaking, ghosting, or only after one-thing: dicks. Which is why a lot of us gay nerds just stick to video games, but with the world changing our representation is rather slim in video games. Thankfully it’s been getting better with the times. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a wonderful representation us queer people need especially in these times of change.

You play as your own custom dad version of yourself, your Dad-sona, if you will, which, presents a variety of body types, hair type, and skin tones to choose from. In the beginning, you start the game after your partner passed, you’ve been raising Amanda as a single father, and the two of you have a very close relationship. With hints of corny dad humor, playful sassiness, and colorful sarcasm.

You and your daughter move into a neighborhood that is filled with (mostly) single dads who all come from different walks of life.

After introductions, you get to choose dads to go on dates with, which can range from trivia night with a cheese board with your daughter’s English teacher Hugo to sneaking into the movie theater with ruffian Bad-Dad Robert.

The third date is the defining date, that decides of which of the 7 Daddies will be your Dream Daddy, thus ending the game. (And rewarded by a pin-up portrait of said Dream Daddy.)

The Good

This game had a lot of thought put into it; honestly, I was a bit turned off at first glance. I was like “a daddy dating simulator? What? A dating simulation sounds like most of my early 20’s “. Ever since playing the Phoenix Wright series games, with long novel size text of nonsense felt like I was just reading a book.

Nothing wrong with that but that’s not why I’m PLAYING a video game. But Dream Daddy is different; along with a wonderful sense of humor the game is interactive. Not just mindless button mashing, you get to know these characters one by one, and also get to play mini games on certain dates like preventing penguins from escaping their exhibit while on dates. It’s simple and playful.

The Not-So-Good

This game doesn’t have terrible qualities, customization is the future of video games and with a choose your own adventure feel you can go whichever route you feel like, playing the field by going on a date with Goth-Daddy then Bad Daddy or just picking the dad you like best and rushing into it that way. It’s all up to you.

I think the on the gay culture is a bit toned down and I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple Pride Flags here and there in the background but that’s minor and could be added to a future sequel. Yes, there could have been more mentions of the struggles the Gay community faces in a political climate where being ourselves isn’t really talked accepted. Instead, the characters talk more about the struggles of being a single parent. But they succeeded in exposing gamers to gay culture in a way that’s not too in your face about it was a smart and strategic move on the developer’s part.

The only bad thing I’ll say is why isn’t Hugo my actual boyfriend now…and I’m into Hugos…


The graphics are done in an amine-esque style resembling The Phoenix Wright series. The animators did a really good job on the minor details and really capturing the scene in which they are conveying. My only issue is that your customizable Dad-Sona looks a little different from the rest of the cast. But that shouldn’t take away from the overall visually pleasing visuals.

Replay Value

In order to get all the endings and truly play through the game as a whole replaying is a must! That and to get all of those pin-up portraits! Also, the game developers have been adding new content to the game so definitely check that out.

Verdict: 8/10

This game shines a wonderful light onto the queer community; the developers could’ve gone the route of mindless clubbing, RuPaul’s Drag Race references, and endless jokes about dicks and ass-holes. But as much fun as some of that is, it can come stale and tasteless. The developers chose a better route showing a more down to earth, toned down version. It’s tame, silly, and humorous.

Showing we are more than just a stereotype. Our community is usually under represented and shown being oversexed, smutty, and dirty, and it’s great to see something out there that’s different and upbeat. Thank you, Vernon, Leighton, and The Game Grumps for creating a positive game about gay people.

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