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Gaymer Base(d) Review: Edo Superstar

Developer: Cleversoft
Genre: Brawler, beat’em up, side scrolling
Platform: iPhone, iPad, and Android

Edo Superstar


Edo Superstar takes the player on an action filled journey as Masaru, a monkey martial artist who aims to be the greatest fighter of Edo Japan and win the Zodiac Tournament. He’s sarcastic, he’s cocky and ready to take on anything thrown his way! You control his actions with strategic swipes and taps. The player will follow him through the Zodiac Tournament, fighting various anthropomorphic masters of martial arts to help him become Japan’s Edo Superstar.

While playing as Masaru you use your fingers to swipe and tap to use various attacks, creating a series of combos, and so much more. This puts a unique spin on traditional beat’em ups.

As you pummel through opponents, you’ll start gaining fame across Edo Japan. This fame feature works as a clever point system to increase stats and other helpful boosts. Enemies that are defeated will drop money that can be used to buy equipment, making Masaru even stronger and a bit more customizable. And who doesn’t like a little customization?

The Good

Where to start? Edo Superstar was entertaining from the get-go. With the almost unbelievably short tutorial to the quirky and witty humor. As the game progresses little by little you learn new strategies to take down other animal rivals. From pigs to foxes (and even a sword-wielding octopus) Edo Superstar provides an interesting gameplay that anyone could play.

The player grows with Masaru creating a bond to the lovable pompous monkey. Learning combos, interesting abilities, and some hilarious special moves. If the player hits an enemy 5 times in a row the enemy becomes stunned and left wide open for a special move. These moves run from a Shoryuken style uppercut to a knee in the nads.

Edo Superstar

Not So Good

The controls can be a bit confusing at first. Swiping and tapping like a crazed Mario Party button masher frenzy is what you automatically assume when first playing. The tutorial is so short almost non-existent. If it weren’t for the help of Masaru’s Manager Chuubei, at the beginning of each level giving hints players would give up after a game over. The jumping and moving functions can also be a bit tricky and frustrating. Though mastering this is a little challenging at first.


The visual style draws inspiration from Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock art, giving the game an old school Japanese look. With the stroke of a brush pen inviting you into the world of Edo Superstar. This style immediately reminded me of one of the best games ever (and I’m willing to fight you over it) Okami.

The traditional Japanese art style really brings you into the world created by the developers. To the cool scenery to the awesome character designs.

Edo Superstar


This game takes you on a journey of fun, action, and cheeky humor that you can’t help to love. There are some flaws but they don’t take away from the overall gameplay. Again the tutorial falls a bit short which is a bit confusing and frustrating in the beginning, but as the game progresses you get better along with Masaru. The controls aren’t the best and can be a bit finicky. I’m sure if there were arrow buttons for movement it might have played a tad better.

Replay Value

I definitely don’t mind paying .99 cents for an interesting game I would replay. It’s action and dialog are enough to want to play it. Not something you want to binge play (that’s a thing right?) but something fun while waiting for your bus or in a waiting room.

Score: 7.5/10

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