Gaymer Base(d) Review: Fantasy Strike

Developer: Sirlin Games
Genre(s): 2D Fighter
Rating: E10+, Mature, etc
Console: PC (Steam)

Synopsis of Game:

Fantasy Strike is an awesome side-scroller fantasy game, you get to play as different characters that represent different fighting styles. From up close range fighters to far away fighters, they very well represent what is required for a great game.

Fantasy Strike Pre-Alpha Gameplay

The Good:

Through playing each unique character within their own category you are able to fight against the rest of the roster. I love the roster of characters to play with especially Geiger, Precise Watchmaker, and Degrey, Ghostly Diplomat those two were my favorite.  Through playing it I got to experience the amazing graphics this game has to offer. The controls are easily able to be configured and done through the normal options menu. There was a real dedication to the graphics in the game and the ease of the controls. The fighting is smooth and very well done overall this is a game you will want to take out with your competitive friend or significant other.

It is compatibility with the PS4 controller which makes me super happy!

Fantasy Strike Pre-Alpha Gameplay

The Bad:

Overall the game was amazingly done, but the parts that are lacking in are a small introduction of each character to learn how they fight and how they offer. Even if it meant an intro video of how they play would have been welcome. Unsure if it was meant to be on purpose so that you personally had to experience each character. The labels for the group of characters also lack definition as to what they mean. Zoners have a lot of range, rushdown are able to make a flurry of attacks, grapplers are able to beat enemies real close to them, and wildcard are able to do various attacks.

Fantasy Strike Pre-Alpha Gameplay


There was massive effort on the visuals of the game. Everything was extremely well done from the animations of the attacks to the amazing background. Each character is done very well on their own and is unique in their own way in the game and outside of the game.

Replay Value:

Due to this being a fighter game, the different characters add different replayability.

The Verdict:

Score: 8/10

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