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Gaymer Base(d) Reviews: Magikarp Jump!

Rated: E
Developer: Select Button
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Google


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Pokémon has been around for what feels like centuries the Pikachu we know now is now rabbit like and has joined a gym opposed to the chubby one introduced in the 90’s. Pokémon is known to make their world a bit bigger by making puzzle, spin-offs, and as of recent exploring the realm of mobile devices in an attempt to keep the franchise unique and fresh. The new game Pokemon: Magikarp jump has been released on mobile devices for international release. This game is developed by Select Button and is a Pokémon-themed version of its game: Survive! Mola Mola. (And kinda reminds me of the Tamagotchi without the poop and more things to do) The player will raise a Magikarp to be the mightiest jumper and enter leagues to see how high your Magikarp can jump!

Your first task is to capture a Magikarp by fishing. Sadly there’s no skill in this part of the player you watch the screen and catch your very own Magikarp. You raise your new Karppy friend in an aquarium where you can feed it various types of Berries familiar to the main franchise, which respawn every couple seconds or so or by going through training regimes which regenerate every 30 minutes. These will give your Magikarp CP, which helps determine how high it can jump, that’s the stat you need to increase the most. However, there is a catch, the CP of a Magikarp is determined by its level, and its level is limited by your trainer level. (Just like the main Pokémon games it’s all technical maths) It is similar to Pokémon Go’s candies but toned down and easier to figure out as you progress with each cycle of Magikarp. This means the Magikarp you catch can only go so far. Which then you repeat the cycle until you beat each league.


The visuals take on a 2-d chibi anime style. Much like the main games, it offers bright, vibrant colors that go along with the feel of the match. Sometimes ditching the 8-bit or 3-d style for something on the cartoon side gives a game the atmosphere needed. Not to mention the cameos from other Pokémon games (mostly from generations 1, 4, and 7) gives the game a warmer and familiar touch.


The game itself is Tamagotchi meets Pokémon style mini games. It’s no Pokémon Sun and Moon but a fun little game you can play anywhere. There’s not much to it either so that anyone can play it. Not geared towards one group. It does get a bit annoyingly addicting, but the game follows the same formula every Magikarp cycle. You fish, they eat, they train the jump, maybe some cutscene happens, and you get money. The beauty of this game lies in visuals and in the items you get. What I also will praise this game for is you don’t pick whether you are a boy or a girl, you simply just are. Your character has qualities both represented to the male and female spectrum of gender. That has been yet to be seen in any human Pokemon game. In most Pokémon games that do offer a boy or girl option tend to make the female characters dainty and overly feminine. Creating a character androgynous is a fantastic way to represent not only the LGBTQ+ community but also gender equality. Props to you Select Button!

Score: 7.5

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