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Gaymer Base(d) Reviews: Mr. Shifty

Rated: M
Developer: Tiny Build Games
Genre: Action beat’em up
Console: PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch

With all the superhero movies in the mainstream, it’s hard not to fantasize or yearn for an action packed adventure. Luckily in the world of video games, we can simulate what these superhero movies leave us craving. . The player takes the role of Mr. Shifty, who is attempting to steal the Plutonium Core from a high security building. As Mr. Shifty you take down the corporation’s goons quick hand to hand combat and use a teleportation ability very similar to the popular character from X-men: Nightcrawler. Using the ability allows Shifty phase through some walls or dodge the barrage of bullets whizzing by.

The Good

The game starts with an explosive entrance that gives Mr. Shifty badass credit from the get go. The fast pace gameplay offers the player an intense experience. Teleporting is your main mechanic and highly useful in abusing baddies or getting out of dodge. It makes you feel like the badass X-men you dreamed of being as a kid or in your mid-20’s.

Mr. Shifty also introduces fun weaponry that ranges from a broom to a three-pronged golden trident. The game has a clever way of showing how the weapon is used then implements them throughout the game to solve puzzles or defeat enemies quicker. It came to my surprise and twisted satisfaction when the three-pronged trident could be hurled at a line of enemies creating a 5-man meat kabob. Very satisfying indeed.

The Not So Good

Though the intensity, in the beginning, may be enthralling to the player it can become a bit annoying after a while. There are 18 levels in the game and what in the being feels like the first half of an 80’s action movie, the remainder of the game feels like more of a chore. Doing the same thing each level gives it redundancy and just wanting it to be over. (Also like some 80’s movies). It also has weird load times, after you die you start immediately at the beginning of the level which is great, but if there are lag and frame rate issues that can slow down game play which doesn’t work well in a fast pace setting.


The game is done in a cell shading style that is very appealing by the player. The style is very reminiscent of comic book and gives the game that atmosphere. There are parts that are done in the 16-bit style that is done very well and doesn’t distract from gameplay.

Replay value

Though it’s no Mario 3, it lacks a certain quality for gamers (or gaymers) to want to play over and over again. Still very fun levels early in the game though. (Did I mention the trident?)


You can’t help but give Mr. Shifty some props for charging into the fray. His style and ability give him the unique badass title the character deserves. As for the game itself, there’s great parts and not so great parts. When Shifty beats up enough enemies he’s granted the ability to slow down time. Very similar to Viewtiful Joe back in the day, this ability is very useful when you’re storming a level with a ton of enemies waiting for you. The less attractive feature is when the game introduces areas that you can’t teleport which leaves the player frustrated. Why can’t I teleport in a game about teleporting?

I give the game a 7/10 overall. The concept, the controls, and the character is Mr. Shifty’s strong point. I’m sure if they were to do a sequel they would fix some of the lag issues and edit out some of the not so good issues.

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