Gaymers After Dark: Sexiest Gay Parodies You Should Be Watching is making some of the best XXX gay porn parodies. We’ve collected and reviewed all the different gay parodies any gaymer and comic book geek would want to watch and rated them!

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Super Gay Heroes

Spider-Man XXX Gay Parody

Scene 1 : Will Braun|Tobias

First Impression:

Our opening scene starts off with our assumed Peter Parker doing something on a computer. A spider land son his arm, bites him, and peter passes out. He wakes up to find that his eye sight has been corrected and he’s increased in muscle mass. (Girl if it were only that easy right???)  A few dramatic scenes later (Surprise, Uncle been dies) and we’re led to Peter being in a room with his boyfriend (not sure if he knows he’s in an open relationship or not) and Peter getting upset over the fact these two slept together. Next thing you know Peter, just like anyone once they’ve found good steady dick, has forgiven his sluttastic BF and the sex scenes begin. Fortunately our two actors are vers, so contrary to their spoken acting skills, the flip flop action is enjoyable.  Some munching and sucking back and forth leads us straight into our pounding scenes, and for a nerdy scientist Peter is well equipped. The webshot at the end was enough to set your spidey sense tingling, and peters first mask is definitely all organic.

Final Review:

Thank the gods this wasn’t another Johnny Rapid scene henny! You get some Peter Parker realness, and hes goofy and nerdy looking so it makes a little more realistic. I could definitely give them a few pointers on proper Oral procedures but all in all I enjoyed this scene.

Scene 2:

Our Opening scene starts out with Peter heading to see his boyfriend only to end up saving the guy his Bf was cheating on him with. ( Girl she would have died, Petty party of 1) A little mysterious exchange between the two leads us to a rooftop ( the lighting was good but I can’t tell you where this web-slinging is about to go down) where our eager dude in distress begins to immediately show his gratitude.

First Impression:

She’s obviously into cosplay as the time between him removing his shirt to the start of him sucking our hero off is less than ten seconds. You don’t need any tingling spidey senses to go off for you to know what’s coming next.

Final review:

Peter tops out the whole scene, and does it in costume. I am not going to point out the fact that fucking the guy your BF is cheating on you with is petty but our bottom buddy does have a nice bit of cake on him.  Peter, like any good super hero, makes sure our bottom buddy gets off before expending his entire web cartridge on the other guys face. The acting was cringe worthy, like the last time I faked it so a guy would leave, but knowing peter was getting revenge made this bearable.

Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody

Gay Pirates Caribbean Parody

Scene 1: Diego San | Johnny Rapid

Synopsis: The high seas are a hard and dangerous place for a pirate.

First Impression: 

Opening scenes of this preview start with some enticing scenes with a bit of pirate-esque action. We are quickly introduced to our actors as an attempt to mount a ship fails and the pirate is captured and thrown in the brig. Cut to a scene with our Pirate Captain receiving head from an eager seamen, moving straight into a light ramming of fingers in our bottom buddy, and a cannon quick flash of our two hotties beginning a fuck scene.

Final Review

Words for yet another feature of Johnny Rapid escape me. Our bottom buddy is as orally talented as his mascara is fabulous but hey the money shot was worth it in the end!

Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody

Star Trek Gay XXX Parody

1 Scene: Brendan Patrick | Donny Forza | Jack Hunter | Jordan Boss | Rod Pederson

Synopsis: “Captain, the planet is about to explode. We must leave now!”

The Enterprise and her crew are in danger of destruction—Spock and Captain Kirk argue their way through a daring rescue mission. Once the ship is steadied and safe from harm, the crew celebrates the best way they know how…

First Impression

Scene 1: Skip to 3:05 to get to the action and 8:58 & 13:15 for the money shot

That Spock wig! You can tell the guy playing Dr. McCoy is laughing the entire time he says his lines. Damn Spock, you go to town on Captain Kirk! Then Spock flip flops.

Final Review

They had some pretty nice Star Trek uniforms for this series. I’m glad Dr. McCoy likes facials.

The Flash: A Gay XXX Parody

The Flash Gay XXX Parody

4 Scenes: Johnny Rapid | Gabriel Cross | Pierre Fitch | Jessy Ares

Synopsis: Barry Allen aka the Flash discovers his unique abilities and with the help of his team, explores his potential for becoming the fastest superhero alive.

First Impression

Scene 1: Skip to 6:02 to get to the action and 25:00 for the money shot

Of course Johnny Rapid is The Flash, he’s twinky enough to play him. But Johnny Rapid should probably stick to bottoming.

Scene 2: Skip to 2:21 to get to the action and 24:50 for the money shot

You would think that after doing enough pornos Pierre Fitch would get better at acting. Pierre Fitch probably doesn’t have a gag reflex anymore because the way he goes down on Johnny Rapid… Give it to him Flash!

Scene 3: Skip to 2:04 to get to the action and 17:00 for the money shot

Shaky camera to make it look like stuff is happening!!! They were fighting one second, now they’re doing it the next! At least Johnny Rapid is doing what he does best, bottoming!

Final Review

You would think that Johnny Rapid would bottom more for this series, but he only does in the last scene.

Fuckémon Go: A Gay XXX Parody

Fuckémon Go: A Gay XXX Parody

1 Scene: Adam Bryant | Johnny Rapid | Will Braun

Synopsis: After a long day of mastering their ball-handling technique catching Fuckémon, Ash and his buddy, Brock, are in for a surprise. When the boys hunt down and catch a rare Peek-a-Choo, he evolves into a muscular sex god. What are these boys to do when faced with a hunky, real-life Peek-a-Choo?

First Impressions

Scene 1: Skip to 2:15 to get to the action at 15:55 for the money shot

It was so corny, I was pretty much laughing the entire time. Holy shit, Adam Bryant is hot. Two guys going down on a Pikachu is hot. Brock gets spit-roasted.

Final Review

I liked how they made all the Pokemon have penises or butt plugs coming out of their heads. “I think we need to fuck a Pokemon!” And the Japanese music in the background, hilarious.

Tarzan Gay XXX Parody


3 Scenes: Colton Grey | Diego Sans | Luke Adams | Tobias

Synopsis: Two guys get stranded on a tropical island and go at it while someone in the jungle watches from a distance. Another survivor is tied up in vines and saved by Tarzan before his animalistic instincts taking over. The three stranded guys reunite with Tarzan and teach Tarzan some new moves.

First Impression

Scene 1: Skip to 8:18 to get to the action

I can tell they’re putting a bit more production into the films. Colton Grey with blonde hair…Yum! If you get off to the idea of someone watching you while you do it, this might be the video for you. There’s some flip-flop fun which was a plus, but we all know who wanted to bottom the whole time.

Scene 2: Skip to 4:28 to get to the action

The whole snake and tied up in vine thing was a bit too comical. Not sure why Tobias was blowing the air, maybe he was getting ready to give Diego Sans his BJ.

Scene 3: Skip to 3:28 to get to the action

Only in an XXX video would three friends and some jungle man all decide to have fun together. I like the now or never situation.

Final Review

They chose a pretty hairy guy to play Tarzan, but what’s up with the tattoo? I know it’s probably a bit too much to ask for to get a model who doesn’t have a tattoo, but Sean Cody does it all the time! After watching all three videos, I have the urge to do it underneath a waterfall.

Captain America Gay XXX Parody


4 Scenes: Alex Mecum | Jay Roberts | Black Panther | Paddy O’Brian | XL

Synopsis: Steve Rogers gets to know his new neighbor. Captain America goes head to head with the Black Panther. Captain America catches Bucky and after a short battle ensues; he finally gets the chance to show his best friend how close they are. Captain America lets Bucky get away and runs into Fury. They are in disagreement about who’s side Captain should be on but the one thing they both agree on is how well they work together, and Fury wastes no time reminding him.

First Impression

Scene 1: Skip to 5:50 to get to the action

Hellooooo Captain America. Steve Rogers seems so proper in the video. His foreign neighbor sounds pretty German, not sure Captain America would be so accepting of Germans after being frozen in a block of ice. Turns out Captain America is a bottom.

Scene 2: Skip to 4:40 to get to the action

Black Panther is in a leather BDSM suit. The fight scene was all just a lot of shaky camera and staring. Captain America’s suit and shield are pretty well made, at least compared to the Black Panthers.

Scene 3: Skip to 1:35 to get to the action

“You’re my best friend.” *Takes off clothes*

They go straight to the action in this scene. Not sure why they’re playing such dramatic muscle when there’s a dick in a guy’s mouth but Alex Mecum sure knows how to use it.

Scene 4: Skip to 3:30 to get to the action

Nick Fury would tell Captain America what to do!

That weird scary music they play in the background, just get rid of it. The rest of the scenes were great.

Final Review

I would have loved to see Alex Mecum top someone… you know, for America, but the scenes and storyline played well together and got my gaymer boner going.

X-Men Gay XXX Parody


4 Scenes: Brenner Bolton | Colby Keller | Mike De Marko | Paul Canon | Landon Mycles | Paddy O’Brian

Synopsis: Since there’s no Jean Grey, Wolverine and Cyclops relieve some of the stress.  Opposites attract when Iceman and Pyro go down a path of viciously passionate plowing.  Wolverine and Colossus pass the time together or wait…did he just do it with Mystique? Then the battle between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants comes to a climax.

First Impression

Scene 1 Skip to 1:25 to get to the action

Wolverine was pretty believable. The hair, the outfit, he fits the bill as an XXX Logan.  Cyclops is either stumbling over his lines or just awkward actor. We all knew that Scott Summers was a bottom!

Scene 2 Skip to 3:25 to get to the action

Pyro (Paul Canon) is a pretty cute bad boy. Iceman pronounces Magneto’s name wrong in the video but who cares! You just have to watch Canon the entire time.

Scene 3 Skip to 3:25 to get to the action

They open the scene with some poppers! Nice! Landon Mycles definitely has a nice butt. Colossus and Wolverine going at is totally hot. I would have wanted to see Colossus plow Logan but, watching Mycles get it was just as good.

Scene 4 Skip to 3:52 to get to the action

Who knew Magneto had a British(?) accent? It doesn’t matter. Once he gets that stupid helmet off his head, he goes from Sir Ian McKeller to Michael Fassbender.

Final Review

Wolverine sold it in the film. Proving that Colby Keller can actually act. I like how they created a storyline with the movie, getting my gaymer boner wet before they started to go down on each other.

Batman v Superman Gay XXX Parody


3 Scenes: Damien Crosse | Topher Di Maggio | Paddy O’Brian | Trenton Ducati | Allen King | Dario Beck | Massimo Piano

Synopsis: Reporter Clark Kent believes Batman is a vigilante who is not doing the city any favors and even points out that Superman’s superpowers make him the city’s true protector while talking to Bruce Wayne.

First Impression

Scene 1: Skip to 2:54 to get to the action

Topher Di Maggio knows how to treat a bottom, because he definitely is on off camera. They broke the chair!

Scene 2: Skip to 2:11 to get to the action

Batman and Superman square off after they both help rescue a man.

Scene 3: Skip to 1:23 to get to the action

They don’t waste any time rescuing and going at it in this scene.

Final Review

Topher Di Maggio is the perfect fit for Superman, and Trenton Ducati does make a sexy Bruce Wayne. The fact that there is somewhat more of a storyline. Topher does his best to sell it and actually does a pretty decent job.

As for Trenton Ducati, once he dons his Batman suit, it seems a bit awkward and stuffy. Both of them are insanely good entertainers overall, and Topher Di Maggio reigns back his usually awkward grunting on screen. I was hoping for some flip-flopping action but it seems like Topher is still trying to pull off a top in the gay porn industry.

The costumes are spot on, the sex scenes are really hot, and they did a good job acting.

The Arrow Gay XXX Parody


1 Scene: Liam Magnuson | Spencer Fox

Synopsis: The Green Arrow tracks down an enemy or is he the one being tracked?

First Impression

Skip to 1:45 seconds to get to the action

The opening sequence you can barely hear what they’re saying, but you probably weren’t here for a fantastic storyline.

Final Review

Star Wars Gay XXX Parody


3 Scene: Jessy Ares | Luke Adams | Dennis West | Hector De Silva | Paddy O’Brian

Synopsis: Watch Luke Skywalker be mentored by experienced Jedi Obi-Wan. Luke Skywalker is bartered for the use of Han Solo’s ship. The Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader, shows Han the dark side of the force. Paddy O’Brian is back for an intergalactic finale of this epic Star Wars parody. These Stormtroopers have been searching deep space for something and Luke Skywalker has the black hole they want.

First Impression

Scene 1 Skip to 3:13 to get to the action

Seems like Luke Skywalker has some daddy issues only Obi-Wan can help him out with.

Scene 2 Skip to 3:00 to get to the action

Luke Skywalker sure knows how to get around.

Scene 3 Skip to 2:10 to get to the action

They got some pretty good CGI for a company all about guys going at it. Seems like Han Solo doesn’t like to do it alone. Kind of wish the Stormtroopers jumped in and helped out.

Scene 4 Skip to 2:40 to get to the action

Luke Skywalker uses The Force to get his black hole plowed.

Final Review

I kind of wished they got a hairy guy to play Chewbacca, but I’m pretty sure no model would want to be known as the star who played Chewbacca in a porno.

Apocalypse (Mad Max Gay XXX Parody)


4 Scenes: Hector De Silva | Paddy O’Brian Dario Beck | Jay Roberts

Synopsis: The world is nearing collapse when a fight breaks out over one of the few remaining females. Paddy O’Brian defeats Hector De Silva but instead of finishing him, he is finished off. Men struggle to stay alive and say fuck it!

First Impression

Final Review

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