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Gaymers Base(d) Reviews Friday the 13th: The Game

Developer: Gun Media
Genre(s): Horror/Survival 
Rating: Mature
Console: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

It is based on the film franchise of the same name owned by Paramount Pictures. It was released on May 26, 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Each match in Friday the 13th takes place on one of the game’s three maps modeled after the different locations from the films. Seven players are selected as the counselors (victims) and one becomes Jason Voorhees.

Counselors can survive the game by finding different items to repair a 4-seat car, a 2-seat car, a boat. They can also fix the phone box fuse to call the police and try to get to them before Jason finds them. The matches end when all the counselors die or escape, or the 20-minute time limit is reached. One of the more difficult ways to beat the game as a counselor is to kill Jason.

Friday the 13th Counselors

The player who becomes Jason has several different abilities at his disposal to trap, hunt, and kill the counselors in different ways. One of his abilities allows him to sense the counselor’s fear. The more fear they have of being in the dark, being chased by Jason, or finding the bodies of their teammates increases their fear and marks them like an infrared sensor. Jason can teleport long distances across the map. He also has a morphing ability which allows him to bum rush his prey if they’re too far ahead of him. He even has rage towards the later half of the game which allows him to walk through walls and break down doors without having to chop or hack down at the barricaded buildings.

As you progress you gain points which you can use for perks on counselors or Jason. These perks enhance your character’s abilities making it easier for them to escape or hunt down.

The Good

I like how they incorporated team-speak into the game. You can only hear certain people within a certain distance, or if you manage to find a walkie talkie, you can hear them as long as they have one too. But this can work against you if Jason is earshot away from you, he can hear everyone broadcasting on the walkie talkie and use your coordination against you.

Kane Hodder, who portrayed Jason in Part VII, Part VIII, Jason Goes to Hell, and Jason X, reprised his role and allowed the game developers to use his motion capture for the game.

Although the game was originally created to be multiplayer only, a single player mode is set to be added later this summer despite the goal for US$1.625 million to unlock it not being reached.

The Bad

The character’s faces are meant to let you know if they’ve lost their composure or not look a bit ridiculous. Some of the interactions and gameplay seem a bit clunky but like with all great horror games, come horrible game mechanics.

Being spawned near the phone or a car at the beginning of the game is one of the worst places to be since Jason also spawns nearby too. When you’re the first person to die, you can be resurrected as Tommy Jarvis if someone uses the radio. You come back with a shotgun to play again, which might not be too bad.

While the developers are still working on fixing the server issues and people dropping or glitching out, some players have made use of the glitches to their advantage. So it depends on how you look at it.


Considering this went from a crowdfunding game to an actual realized horror game they did really well. It has a similar feel to Death by Daylight, but I think they improved on the gameplay by giving you different ways to interact with your environment, escape, or to even fight off the serial killer.

Replay Value

While it seems you might get bored after a while, having a group of friends playing the game, or a decent person playing as Jason make the game a bit more exciting to play.

Verdict: 6/10

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