1960s Iceman’s First Gay Kiss After Coming Out

Bobby Drake, the Iceman we know and love from the 1960s has finally come out and had his first gay kiss with his boyfriend! While this may come as a surprise to many X-Men fans, we’ve known about it since the 1960s! There was another time-displaced teenage Iceman who kissed another guy, but we’re not counting that.

The hero came out of the closet two years ago in an issue of All-New X-Men, which saw the younger version of the character come to terms with his sexuality, something his adult-self later confirmed, before then coming out himself. Since then, both versions of Iceman have existed within the same universe.

After his younger version had come out and confronted him about being in the closeted, the Iceman of our time to finally face his sexuality. He’s been adjusting to that, coming out to his parents, doing a little dating, and now he’s gotten to kiss a guy himself.

Iceman #6 Comic Panel

In the new Iceman #6 comics written by Sina Grace, he meets a guy in Los Angeles named Judah, and musters up the courage to kiss him.

The Iceman comics feature issues like Iceman coming out to his parents, going to his first gay club, and getting his first kiss after. Shawn Ashmore, the actor who had played Iceman in the X-Men films love the idea and would be totally down to be gay in the films if he got the opportunity to.

“What I think is interesting is that the X-Men have always been about diversity, it’s the key message of the film. For the X-Men, what makes us different is what makes us great, so if Iceman or Bobby came out in a movie, I think it would stay very much on point and on message about what films are about.”

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