If Game of Thrones Was A Video Game

Game of Thrones, the HBO hit show about noble families fighting for control of a kingdom of Westeros has become one of the most epic stories adapted from a book. We decided we wanted to know what it would be like if Game of Thrones was made into an RPG, where you could choose what the characters did on the show and made these series of images from Season 7.



Jon organizes the North’s defenses. Cersei tries to even the odds. Daenerys comes home. Arya reminds the Freys “The North remembers”. Sam adapts to life in Oldtown. Night King makes his way south.

After Arya Stark killed everyone in House Frey

What was Tormund Giantsbane thinking after seeing Brienne of Tarth fight?

Sansa’s learned from Cersei and Lady Olenna how to talk to men like Littlefinger.


Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Jon faces resistance. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros. Cersei gathers her allies. Arya has a reunion with old friends. Sam risks his career and life.

We’d expect every campfire, banquet, or dinner would be a save point.

It’s kind of like the game Operation…

What would Theon even do with them?

The Queen’s Justice

Daenerys and Jon meet. Cersei gains a new ally. Sansa receives an unexpected visitor. Sam is confronted for his actions.

I feel like this was the option for literally everything Cersei would have done.

Do you think Cersei likes flowers?

This should have been the only option for her.

The Spoils of War

Daenerys strikes back. Jaime faces an unexpected situation. Arya comes home.

A wild Arya appeared, and she’s out to fight a newly knighted Brienne of Tarth.

This probably would have been a huge event change in the storyline if you didn’t pick this option.

I wonder what Daenerys’ score was at the end of this mini-game?


Do you think Drogon knows they’re cousins?

He really should be called Littledick instead of Littlefinger

Do you think she’s lying about being pregnant?

Beyond the Wall

Jon and his team go beyond the wall to capture a wight. Daenerys has to make a tough decision.

This was pretty badass!

If Daenerys could go back to this last save point do you think she’d still try to save Jon if it meant losing one of her dragons?

Arya was definitely telling a lie when she said she wanted to know what it would be like to wear those pretty dresses and be the Lady of Winterfell.

The Dragon and the Wolf

A meeting is held in King’s Landing. Problems arise in the North.

We were all hoping this little shit was going to kick the bucket.

We’re glad that Jaime chose to do the right thing… But we’re not entirely sure how useful he’ll be in the fight to come…

This was terrifying to watch, but how much fun do you think it would be to destroy a wall of ice on top of a dragon?

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