If Injustice 2 Characters Had Grindr Profiles

It’s been a while since we created any Grindr profiles. We love the new Injustice 2 video game so in honor of the game, we’ve created what we think their profiles would look like if your favorite DC superheroes and villains had to make a Grindr account.

Isn’t Namor the Submariner? Oh…

I knew Bane was a bottom!

Woof! Bruce!

I don’t think Brainiac is going to get that many messages with that bio…

Cyborg half-man-half-machine but what do you think he’s got down there?

Typical military guy.

I feel like the Scarecrow is that creepy 60-year-old man who keeps trying to message you to come to his hotel.

I wonder how fast The Flash is in bed?

Superman’s you’re typical conceited douchebag who thinks he’s the world’s savior.

Even the Guardian of the Green needs some lovin.

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