Crash Bandicoot Grindr

If Video Game Characters Had Grindr Profiles (Part II)

If you liked our last set of Grindr profiles, here are some more amazing profiles of your favorite downe-low video game characters.

Crash Bandicoot Grindr

Who wants to have a one night stand with Crash? Sounds like a party.

Dante Devil May Cry Grindr

Maybe Virgil will join you in a threesome…

King Tekken Grindr

We love furries and if yiffing. What does the fox say? Anyone else into yiffing (while dressed up in animal costumes, participants grope, fondle, and hump on each other for sexual gratification. no actual sex involved. Usually done in a group setting)?

Kratos God of War Grindr

We all know that Kratos has some daddy issues. And based on the bosses that Kratos fights, he’s definitely a size-queen.

Sora Kingdom Hearts Grindr

Sora is typical,┬ánaive teenager who shouldn’t even be on Grindr.

Vega Street Fighter Grindr

Vega is the slender, shallow, self-absorbed gay who wouldn’t even reciprocate.

Was there a video game character we forgot about? Send us a message and let us know which character you want us to do next!

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