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Interview With Gay Actor Playing Tim Drake In Upcoming Red Hood: The Series

Greetings Gaymers!

We’re talking to James Matthew Fuller from Chicago Illinois. He’s a gay actor originally from South Carolina, who is going to be the next Tim Drake for an upcoming series Red Hood: The Series. Is was also the lead in a feature film Stalkers and walked the runway at Men’s Fashion Week Chicago.

What got you into acting?

The love of life, I was one of those kids who didn’t know what I wanted to be, mainly because everything sounded like a cool job. I love acting because it gives me the opportunity to live multiple lives, just like a game of Sims.

James Matthew Fuller

How did you prepare for the role?

For Robin, this was months and months of prep work. The best part was the training, the fight choreography, as people will see is very intense. Plus countless comic books read through.

Is there anything that’s similar between you and the character you portrayed?

I would say so; Tim is an amazing person with a rich history. I would say the biggest similar trait is compassion. He’s a person who truly cares for others even in the face of danger. I know I try to live like that caring for my fellow man.

What was it like playing Tim Drake?

Awesome. I have the opportunity to play a beloved icon. Tim Drake has never gotten live action screen time, so I think once fans see what we have done through story telling they are going to be happy with this. I had a lot of weight on my shoulders to on this character, but I’ve done my homework.

What do you think fans will be excited for in the film?

The overall story, this isn’t your run of mill fan film. You are in for a treat. Andrew Laux our writer truly studied his butt off getting these characters in the right light. Plus a couple of surprises that die-hard fans will love, plus new fans coming in for the first time will enjoy.

James Matthew Fuller

Are you into anything nerdy/geeky (video games, anime, cartoons, TV shows, comics)?

Hell yea! I love anime like crazy (favorite is Cowboy Bebop), grew up reading Captain America, Batman, Spawn comics. Watching Cartoons all the time (everything from Sailor Moon to TMNT.) I love mostly racing and FPS, big in adventure, Uncharted series always a fun play through

What was the most memorable experience on set?

That has to go to Red Hood, the commitment that this production team truly showed me how every project should be filmed, and the love for your story should just overflow on set. Plus it is always beneficial to your writer on set.

What’s an embarrassing moment you’ve had on set?

Hmmm well I wouldn’t say it was embarrassing for me but, one project I was on is call Last Breath, in the story I have a fiancé. Well being gay most girls are very comfortable around me when we film. So her and I start making crazy somewhat childish sexually jokes and most of the production team are just red in the face, on the stuff her and I come up with. It was a lot of fun.

What superpower would you have and why?

Immortality. I love watching and learning about the world. I think the power I want is to always be around to see how events unfold. Knowing I can save others do good, maybe meeting Capt. Jack Harkness 😉

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

As an actor, like I said you meet so many great people, and best advice is have received on multiple occasions is to STUDY. Hone your craft and work on your skills. The only way you get better is to practice.

James Matthew Fuller

Anything you would like to say to your fans?

I have a new clothing line coming soon called ISOJI.  ISOJI is an active lifestyle apparel company with worldwide conservation efforts in mind. ISOJI donates 10% of net profits towards conservation efforts.

Thank You! I love hearing feedback from any fan; it warms my heart. I mean I love all my fans they are amazing, I’ve had artwork given to me, random shout outs, they share feed it’s awesome. Also, remember always to chase your dreams, please don’t give up because it’s too hard, you can do it!

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