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Let’s Have A Kiki With GaymerX’s Matt Conn

Matt ConnGreetings Gaymers!

Gaymer Base was able to talk with Matt Conn, the big Cahoon on what to expect for the fourth annual GaymerX event happening at the Santa Clara Convention Center & Hyatt September 30 to October 2.

Thanks Matt for joining us. Before we get started, how about you tell us some interesting facts about yourself

I love weird games like Warioware and Phoenix Wright! I won “America’s Worst Driver”, a silly reality show about driving and stuff. I love food.

GaymerX has become a huge event because of all your hard work, how did you come up with the idea to create an event like this?

As a teenager, I was always at the edge of two communities. Hanging out with the nerdy kids, I had to hide the fact that I was gay because that wasn’t very welcome. Likewise, if I was with gay people, being nerdy was seen as uncool and unattractive. Later on in life I became involved with the Gaymers Sub-Reddit. That was a really cool online space, but I wanted to try something local. So I started with an SF Gaymers local group, and when that became more popular, I had the idea to make a Gaymer event. That’s what led to the original Kickstarter, which of course really caught on and that’s why we are what we are now.

Who should we be excited to see at the event?

Anyone, who has nothing against LGBTQ people should be interested. We try to make it space where you can have a whole lot of fun no matter who you are. We do that by making sure there are lots of very different things going on at all times. This includes parties, concerts, arcades, serious talks, silly talks, special events and big guests.

GaymerX Event

For first time goers, what will the schedule be like for the event?

We usually start off the event with a fun pre-party with some big guests the night before. Then, for those interested in panels, we’ve got several rooms of panels and talks running all day. When you’ve got your fill of panels, we’ve got an expo floor and an arcade full of games and cool stuff. After that, we’ve got more parties, concerts, cosplay contest, board games, and lots of things like that!

What makes this event different than any other event out there?

GaymerX is a gaming event where people are asked to understand and respect boundaries. It seems very simple, but the effect is a place where people can have lots of fun and meet new people easily. For people who are LGBTQ especially, this can be very hard to find in

What were some of the hardest parts of setting this up?

Funding is always difficult. The event has always been mainly community supported and making really diverse and fun programming can be really expensive, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fortunately, folks who have been to our past events have been generous and help with many wonderful ways. Second, making sure that we have as wide a range of activities is always a challenge.

GaymerX Event

What is the best part of setting up this event?

Creating a place that feels fun and safe and exciting for people. There’s nothing better than seeing all the surprises we worked on for months finally happen and enjoying people’s reaction.

What’s the secret to getting the most out of this event?

Exploring is definitely the best way to go. There’s a ton to do, and it’s a easy to miss things. Most things go on all day or at least more than once, so you can always try again but checking out the schedule helps a lot. Getting a con-hotel room is also a big deal, even if you live close by. Many of our events are

Does this even help support any organizations?

We regularly work with organizations like The Trevor Project, GLAAD, Able Gamers, Extra Life, and others. We’re always super excited to do stuff with other nonprofits and charitable organizations as well!

Where can fans get more of you (social media, websites, etc.)?

Signing up to our mailing list is the best way for sure, as we send a regular newsletter with all the tons of stuff we’re involved in. Not only that, but we’re on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Anything you would like to say to your fans?

We love you, and we always want to hear from you! The con is made up of all the things that you’ve asked for, and we need you to join us and help keep it awesome.

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