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Nyx From Final Fantasy XV Based On Gay Model

Final Fantasy XV is pulling out all the stops for this make or break it the game. And to my surprise, my supermodel crush, Johan Akan, was the model they based the character Nyx Ulric on for the Final Fantasy movie. I nearly flipped my shit.

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Johan Akan was a former gay model who is now a hairdresser and barber in Paris, France. You may have seen him on MisterBNB. If you wanna see his NFSW pic


I had the biggest crush on Johan Akan ever since I was younger, and finding out he was the character model for Nyx in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV was the best gaymer moment ever. I mean, look at him… UNF!

Kingsglaive in on a world called Eos divided between the kingdom of Lucis who use magic to defend themselves against the militaristic, technologically-advanced empire of Niflheim.

The events occur simultaneously during the Final Fantasy XV game and focus around Nyx Ulric (voiced by Aaron Paul). During what was meant to be a treaty between two factions. King Regis is to marry off his son with Luna, the former princess of Tenebrae. This turns out to be a ruse and a battle between the Kingsglaive and Niflheim begins within the kingdom.

Nye Ulric is in charge of rescuing Princess Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. He possesses the magical power of the royal family and a loyal warrior for King Regis.

Nye Ulric, the character that was modeled after Johan Akan,  is a member of the elite force called the Kingsglaive. He was saved by King Regis when he was a teenage and owes the king his life. He is going to be voiced by Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad.

Final Fantasy XV

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will be released before the Final Fantasy XV video game release later this year.

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