30 Perfect Christmas Gifts To Get Any Gaymer

We recently posted an article about awesome gaymer gifts you could get. If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your favorite gaymer, here are a bunch of awesome gifts any gaymer would love to get for Christmas.

Nintendo Wall Graphics – Super Mario ($49.95)

Nintendo Wall Graphics - Super Mario Bros

Go back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and decorate your wall with the classic Super Mario wall decals.

Power A Charge & Display Stand for PSVR – PS4 ($49.99)

POWER A Charge & Display Stand for PSVR - PlayStation 4

Does your gaymer buddy already have the PlayStation VR headset? He probably doesn’t want to just leave that expensive piece of equipment lying around. So get him this Charge & Display Station to keep the PSVR off the ground and away from any pets.

NumSkull Tower & Dual Charger ($36.99)

Numskull - Tower & Dual Charger for Dualshock 4 Controller / Gamepad / Joystick - Stores 10 Games - PlayStation 4

Help your gamer friend keep all his PS4 games and controllers in one place with this NumSkull Tower & Dualshock controller charger. The charging dock can be removed for portable use too!

Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition for PS4 ($89.99)

Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition

If your gaymer friend hasn’t already bought Final Fantasy XV that’s because he wants someone to buy it for him. So why not splurge on him a bit and get him the Final Fantasy XV: Deluxe Edition which includes an Exclusive Steelbook, the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy Blu-ray, a Leviathan Regalia Skin and the Masamune DLC Weapon to give him a boost as he starts his quest as Noctis.

Star Wars or Game of Thrones Gift Glass Decanter ($29.00)

Game of Thrones Decanter and Glasses

Does your gaymer friend love to get drunk and play video games? Then this Star Wars or Game of Thrones Gift Glass Decanter is the perfect gift for them. If you want to have a personalized decanter you can add it. It can hold up to 17 oz and comes with four glasses.

Star Wars Waffle Maker ($39.99)

Death Star Waffle Maker

Hum the Star Wars theme song while you wait for your waffles to cook in this Death Star Waffle Maker. The Empire would approve of this non-stick waffle plate that you could clean with a damp cloth.

Star Wars Clock ($99.99)

Star Wars Clock

Star Wars metal clock with 12 of the classic Action Fleet Micro Machine battleships and vessels from the Star Wars films. It requires AA batteries to work (batteries not included).

Why would your gamer friend want it for Christmas?

Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set ($49.29)


Why not get them something that they can use every day? This glassware set has four different Star Wars planets (Alderaan, Dagobah, Hoth, and Tatooine), the forest moon Endor and the Death Star.

Totoro Sofa ($269.00)

Totoro Bed

Maybe your friend is into Hayao Miyazaki. If they love taking afternoon naps, they may want to snuggle up with Totoro.

TETRIS LED Lights ($49.99)

Tetris LED Desk Lamps

This stackable set of TETRIS LED lights can fit anywhere! Just don’t make a complete line or they might just disappear.

Seven Dragonballs Set ($18.95)

Seven Dragon Balls

You might not be able to grant them every wish they want, but if they have the Seven Dragonballs they can ask Shenron for it. They just need to figure out how to activate it.

Nintendo Super Mario Bros Red Yoshi Adult Plush Slipper ($11.99)

Yoshi Slippers

What’s better than riding on Yoshi’s back? Two Yoshis! They come in different colors Yoshi colors too, so if they don’t like green you can pick your gaymer’s favorite color.

Etched Shot Glasses ($32.95)

Game of Thrones Shot Glasses

Winter may have already come, but these awesome shot glasses can help make the cold not seem so bad. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Avatar: The Last Airbender, there are a ton of different options to choose from.

Gaymer Tank Tops ($20.00)

Gaymer Tank Top

Does your favorite gaymer workout too? It’s time to combine their two favorite things together! Look Human has a ton of different T-shirts, tanks, and V-necks they can customize to help keep your gaymer looking nerdy and swoll.

Zelda Decal Button Decorations ($20.00)

Zelda Decal Button Decorations

A Legend of Zelda fan would love to have these for their keyboard. This keyboard decal consists of various villains, characters, and items from the Legend of Zelda games.

NES Cartridge Flasks ($19.99)

NES Cartridge Flask

Is your gaymer buddy also an alcoholic? Well, let them be discrete about it with this retro game cartridge flask!

Video Game Cookie Cutters (Vary)

Cookie Cutters

Instead of making boring Christmas cookies, let your gaymer friend make you a batch of video game inspired cookies! They have Mario, Pokemon, and 8-Bit Link. They also have anime characters too! Who wouldn’t want to bite the face off Naruto?

3D Wall Nightlights ($29.99 each)


3D Wall Nightlights are probably one of the coolest wall decorations you could get for a gaymer. If they’re young or old, these things are still totally awesome. Right now, they have Marvel’s Avengers team or if your friend is into Star Wars, there’s a classic Darth Vader or Stormtrooper head that could be bursting through your wall or ceiling.

Bobble Heads ($10.99 each)


Funko POP has some of the cutest little figurines of your favorite anime, TV shows, comic books, or movies. They even have a Holiday Dancing Groot! Help your gaymer buddy collect them all (too bad they don’t have Pokemon), or just ask them what their favorite character is from their favorite TV show…

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset ($78.87)

HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

If you’re tired of hearing them play with their friends or randoms online, yelling profanity and saying how they f***ed their mothers you might want to get them an awesome HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. It’s one of the best headsets around for PC, X-Box, or Playstation. 

Ocarina of Time ($13.99)

Link's Ocarina of Time

A true gaymer has always wanted to have a replica of Link’s Ocarina of Time. These things are crazy awesome and actually playable. Time to learn the Song of Storms. This is an awesome stocking stuffer that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Retro Gamer Crate ($99.99)

Retro Gamer Crate

Probably the ultimate gaymer gift that isn’t too expensive. This Retro Gamer Crate is the perfect holiday gift. It comes with a Retro-Bit NES Console, two Nintendo games, a random assortment of candy to keep them occupied like Nerds, Now & Laters, Mike & Ike, Bottle Caps.

Vinyl Decals

Vinyl Decals

Help your favorite gaymer deck out his room with some Vinyl Decals. There’s a plethora of different art decals out there game controllers, Marvel superheroes, or even Game of Thrones.

 Gaymer Themed Monopoly Game ($51.39)

Game of Thrones Board Game

Speaking of Game of Thrones, Monopoly came out with a new Game of Thrones themed board game. Get them off the computer or TV and play the childhood game that will make them hate you as much as they hate Cersei. If he doesn’t like Game of Thrones there are plenty of other themed board games.

Pikachu Onesie ($20.85 – $28.99)

Pikachu Onesie

If you’re friend is into Pokemon, you have to get him a Pikachu Onesie! If he’s into raves too you can get your ass he might go out in this for EDC.

Gaymer Themed Lamp ($60-$64.00)

Gaymer Lamps.png

Light up his Christmas with a  Zelda Triforce Lamp can either be hung up from the wall or sit on an end table. There are other lamps like a Mario question mark box as well.

Game Controllers


These things are crazy expensive now, so buying another one for your gaymer friend is a perfect gift, especially if you want to spend more time with them! Be their player 2 and get a Playstation 4 controller for them.

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