Why Deadpool Is The Best Gay Superhero Ever

With the new Deadpool movie creeping its way up, Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool), has been creating quite a buzz in the media.

In an interview with the Collier it was revealed the new Deadpool movie would make sure Wade Wilson is pansexual. Director Tim Miller, wanted it to go on the record that this was going to be incorporated into the film.

“Pansexual! I want that quoted. Pansexual Deadpool.”

Pansexuals are not limited in the sexual choice regarding biological sex, gender, or gender identity. Unlike bisexuals, which can be attracted to a male or female gender, pansexuals experiences sexual attraction to all genders, be they transgender, androgyne, two-spirited, gender-fluid. Pansexuals are open to any gender identification and those who don’t identify with any which gender.

Deadpool has been one of the most misunderstood Marvel characters beloved by his hardcore fans. With his constant struggle to try to do what’s right versus his shady mercenary lifestyle, Deadpool has many layers to his personality that make him one of a kind, and queer.

Deadpool in a French Maid outfit

The thing that I love about Deadpool is his openness to sexuality. Deadpool’s sexual identity has come into question several times. Although most of his sexually explicit jokes and wise-cracks are aimed at men, he has been in many relationships with women. Most of the time he is only kidding but because of his fanbase, and the fact that he breaks the fourth wall and knows about his groupies constant shipping of Spideypool (Spiderman & Deadpool), Deadpool writers have made him much more open minded when it comes to who he is attracted to.

Deadpool & Spiderman climbing up wall

Deadpool seems to incorporate some of the most exaggerated stereotypes of homosexuality, cross-dressing, and attraction to those who do not follow typical gender norms. Although Deadpool himself has never stated what his sexual preference is, writers Christopher Hasting and Gail Simone have both confirmed that Deadpool is indeed pansexual/omnisexual. 

Writer on Deadpool's Sexuality

Writer on Deadpool's Sexuality

If you still don’t believe that Deadpool is at least bisexual, I would like to provide you with these:

Deadpool Omnisexual

Source: theodysseyonline

Although there are many who would state that Deadpool is not a good representation of a queer identity. He is in fact, queer and although most of the romantic relationships he has been paired with are mostly heterosexual, that’s not proof that he isn’t queer.

We’ve seen him fall in love with Death in the comics, an alien from outer space, and had boy crushes on Cable and Thor, so who knows when, where, and with who Wade Wilson will get his boner from. Perhaps from his Russian friend Colossus, who is said to stay true to the comics and keep his Russian background. In an alternate universe, Ultimate Colossus was gay, maybe this Colossus could be too. That might be asking too much, but a gay boy can dream.

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