Red and Blue are a gay couple

Red & Blue From Pokemon Are Gay Lovers

Everybody remembers playing the original Red and Blue versions of Pokemon on Gameboy, but did you know that Red & Blue are gay lovers?

Pokemon Red and Blue Gay Couple

According to a new fan theory, Red (the protagonist you play in the game) and Blue are longtime rivals, but what makes their relationship different from any of the others is that they always seem to find each other.

Pokemon Red and Blue Gay Couple

Even in the original games, you get to know Blue more than any other character in the series. You see him, and his Pokemon evolves, and eventually the two of you face off at the Indigo Plateau after defeating the Elite Four.

Generation II (Gold, Silver, Crystal) and IV (HearGold and SoulSilver), you get to face off against Red, the boy who took down the Team Rocket on Mt. Silver and the Pokemon World Tournament. Blue on the other hand becomes the Viridian Gym leader when Giovanni (leader of Team Rocket) retires. Coincidence? I think not.

In the recent Pokemon Sun & Moon preview of the final evolutions for the starter Pokemon, it’s revealed that Red and Blue are together in the Alola region. But why would they be traveling together if they’re rivals? Maybe, perhaps because their rivalry blossomed into LOVE?!

I mean, who could resist Blue’s cocky attitude and Red’s incessant use of ellipses? “…”

Many fans think Blue drags Red away from Mt. Silver for a much-needed vacation. But the don’t just believe that it’s any holiday, some are theorizing it’s Red and Blue’s honeymoon.

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