Skylar Mae (Ahri), Chay B Rox (Caitlyn), Jarrah Brouwer (Darius), Monique Elyse (Diana), Moe Lexx Jr. (Graves), Amy Diep (Janna), Julia Berry (Jinx), Jennifer Lee Kroon (Karma), Linda-Estelle Catalano (Katarina), Singhee Shin (LeBlanc), Peter Zammit (Lee Sin ), Tiffany Taylor (Leona), Kristy Symonds (Miss Fortune), Samantha Bell (Riven), Malik Akl (Singed), Becca Fitzgerald (Sona), Savannha Luke (Soraka), Thomas Taufan (Twisted Fate), Bianca Donevski (Vi), Onegai Ryū (Yasuo), Kydrasaur (Ziggs), Jenna Cloud (Zyra) Photographer: Magic Missile Studios

San Diego Comic-Cons First Cosplay Pool Party

Cosplayers! Get your tickets now to relax on Sunday during San Diego Comic-Con at HEAT Comic-Con Pool Party!

The first of it’s kind. Cosplayers can have some fun in the sun at the Lafayette on Sunday, July 24, 2016, from 12PM to 5PM to close out SDCC weekend.

There will be free water guns for a water gun fight, a photo shoot, pool floats and toys, lounge and lounge chairs.

Come dressed in your bathing suit cosplay, or just come dressed to relax by the pool.

2 Local DJ’s, Full Bars, Cocktail Servers, Food, and more!

Early Bird: $15
Pre-Sale: $20
General Admission: $25

Get your tickets here!

Cosplay Pool Party

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