Borderlands 2

Queer Video Game Spotlight – Borderlands 2

When asked what my favorite game out there was, about a dozen titles came to mind: the Pokemon series for my obsession for collecting things, the Kingdom Hearts series for it’s brilliantly complex story and lore, The Halo series for it’s FPS team based multiplayer adventures, and The Saints Row series for it’s humor in character and story development.

Borderlands 2

But then I asked myself, what game out there fully encompasses ALL of these things that I loved in all these different series and genres…that’s when I had my answer: Borderlands 2.

Developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, Borderlands 2 was a hybrid FPS, RPG, Raid & loot, a multiplayer game that took to the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2012.

A sequel to the game Borderlands, Borderlands 2 takes place five years after the first game and introduces a completely new cast of Vault Hunters set out to look for Vaults that contain large amounts of wealth. Along the way, they get caught up in the world changing adventure that’s spearheaded by the money hungry, total jackass of an antagonist, “Handsome Jack” who is the president of the Hyperion Corporation.

Borderlands 2

Sounds simple right? Random people go treasure hunting, get caught up in a battle with a big greedy corporation, becomes heroes. If anything this game is a testament to the old saying “It’s not about the ending, but about how you get there.”

The game takes tons of tangents off it’s original story, and you end up taking up tasks for hundreds of characters, each one of them more memorable then the next, not to mention the tasks alone are sometimes completely insane in humor. You’ve got a sulky, emo, Kristen Stewart-rescue girl who wants you to slay her pet because it was no longer fluffy, a maniac little girl who wants you to retrieve two bombs shaped like rabbits and a bug in a jar named “Sir Reginald”, throw a birthday party for one of the NPCs. Including all their DLC, Borderlands 2 has a little over 260 side missions to take part on.


The game gives you six playable characters. Each with their unique ability and three skill trees to tweak. You can customize each tree alongside all the gear and guns you get, to change how your charact   er plays. The character models themselves also have options for customization, so not every vault hunter out there looks the same. So really, you make it all your own.

The heart of this wasn’t just from the amazing story line, millions of customization options but really… the couch co-op (4 player couch co-op on PS4, XboxOne) or the online four player co-op. So many nights spent with friends online just settling in from a night out or from work, teaming up together to hunt down some ludicrously large monster in hopes of scoring big with loot. It’s like your typical top-down raid or dungeon crawler game… but in the first person… and with guns. Oh and did I mention that a LARGE population of the people in the game are LGBT?

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